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Angus Mackie

(607) 437-1175

Angus Mackie is an upright bass player who doubles on electric and currently playing in the upstate area. Angus is the musical director at the Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown. He has a Jazz Quartet (SRMT Jazz Quartet) with Rob Roman on piano, Joe Siracusa on guitar and Joe Takowroski on drums. The SRM Jazz Quartet is a regular at the Otesaga Hotel and the Baseball Hall of Fame private parties. Angus also plays with the Blue Monday Jazz and Blues Band, the Panther Creek Cajun band and Dana Marcine and Jazzified in the mid NY State area. Angus plays an early 20’s Juzak upright, and Eminence upright and Fender P-bass fretless. He has an arsenal of fretted basses including the early G & L that he played with Richie Sambora in the late 70’s.