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Bob Gluck
piano, keyboards, electronics

Bob Gluck, pianist, electronic musician, author, and Professor of Music at the University at Albany, has released ten CDs, most recently including “At This Time” with Tani Tabbal, and “Infinite Spirit: Revisiting Music of the Mwandishi Band” (FMR, 2016, with Billy Hart, Eddie Henderson, and Christopher Dean Sullivan); his books include “You’ll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band” (2012) and “The Miles Davis ‘Lost’ Quintet and Other Revolutionary Ensembles” (2016), both published by University of Chicago Press. Collaborators have included include Michael Bisio, Jane Ira Bloom, Billy Hart, Aruan Ortiz, Andrew Sterman, Neil Rolnick, Ken Filiano, Christopher Dean Sullivan, Eddie Henderson, Ken Filiano, Joe Giardullo, Eddie Allen, Ras Moshe Burnett, and Dean Sharp.