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Brandon Salo

Brandon Salo is a Jazz musician from Marquette Michigan. He studied classical piano for 13 years before he met his mentors Dane Bays and Alex Brooks. Dane and Alex spent nearly two decades learning from the legendary Larry Smith of Detroit. He studied under these musicians for four years, and learned the art form traditionally. Brandon always says at his performances “If it wasn’t for Dane and Alex, I wouldn’t know how to play half of the things I do.”

Since he left Michigan in 2010, he has performed around the Midwest, South America, Ontario Canada, and Montreal. Most recently, Brandon spent the fall and winter of 2012 and 2013 working as a Jazz pianist in Montreal. He’s performed at several restaurants, bars, and clubs, including Dieze Onze, Les Entretients, Upstairs, Cafe Lezard, Mitch’s Pub, as well as the 2012 Montreal Jazz Festival. He has performed with many of the great local musicians in Montreal.

He was a performer at the Pobre Diablo Jazz club and Swiss Hotel in Quito, Ecuador, as well as Hotel San Gai in Banos, Ecuador. He’s performed solo performances at restaurants in Sudbury Ontario, theater performances in Thessalon Ontario, and also recording playing music for an interview in North Bay Ontario.

Salo has also had the great pleasure of recording for Northern Michigan University and their public radio. He recorded music with his two good friends Cameron Mahoney, and Jon Letts. The name of the trio is called “The North Coast Trio.”

Some of his favorite musicians are John Coltrane, Bill Evan’s, Mccoy Tyner, Mulgrew Miller, Cedar Walton, Sonny Clark, Wynton Kelly, Lee Morgan and many others.