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Christine Spero
piano & vocals 
(212) 886-5457

Christine Spero has spent her career honing her instrumental, songwriting and performing skills. But it’s the intense passion she feels for her music and her audiences that sets her apart.

“Writing, playing and singing have been the most peaceful and rewarding times in my life,” she says. “Even at a young age, I enjoyed making people feel good and communicating through music came easily to me."

Doing what she loves has had its rewards. Spero just released a new CD—her second—titled “My Spanish Dream,” a rich Brazilian/Latin/World fusion offering that dances blithely between jazz and pop. Diverse and daring, it highlights Spero’s love for lush vocal harmonies, something she’s been enthralled with her entire career.

Spero composed all of the material on the new CD and handles lead and background vocals and piano. She is joined in studio and on stage by Elliot Spero, saxophones, percussion and synths; Mike Woinoski, bass; and Jody Sumber, drums. Live performances also include Charlie Kniceley and Scott Petito, bass; and T. Xiques on drums. The album was produced by Elliot Spero.

The growing ranks of listeners and larger live audiences are a direct result of lyrics that resonate with people. “I want the audience to be on a high and feel that they've experienced something unique and moving,” Spero says. “I want them to feel connected to the sounds and words they hear. I also want them to dance because that is what I love to do when I hear exciting music!” Her live performances are notable for her ability to wrap her voice around her formidable piano playing.

Spero and her group headlined the 2006 Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, and are appearing with Blood, Sweat and Tears and Charlie Daniels at the 2007 Harborfest in Oswego, New York.

Her artistic inspiration, and the reason she’s been so successful creating a connection, comes from constant observation of people and events around her. Melodies usually lead, delivering the spirit and emotion of the song, and then Spero lays in the lyrics. On the new CD, songs relate her feelings about September 11; her son’s cross-country bike trip to raise money for a camp for children with disabilities; her experiences at many festivals; and a variety of other topics.

Spero’s song, “He Wasn’t Always That Way” won the Jazz category of the USA Songwriting Competition in 2004; and her “Caribbean Nights” was a finalist in 2002. Christine and her music have been covered by Recording, Keyboard, Billboard, JazzTimes, ASCAP Playback and USA Today.

Amidst all the success, however, Spero is staying firmly grounded when it comes to her and the group’s future as an indie act. “The biggest challenge we face is how to have the time we need to promote the group and devote as much time as possible to writing,” she says. “Learning the business is tough because it changes everyday, too.”

The learning and her attention to her listeners keep Spero focused: “I'd love to be consistently working to crowds that were receptive to my music.”

Considering Spero’s talent, the excellent band around her and the excitement surrounding the new CD, those crowds will be getting a lot bigger very soon.

For more information about The Christine Spero Group, check out or The new CD is available on CD Baby: