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The Chronicles

Stylistically combining jazz, hip hop, funk, soul, and gospel, The Chronicles brings a unique sound that you can’t quite rope in to one single genre. Founded by upstate horn heavyweights, Bryan Brundige and Jeff Nania in October of 2009, The Chronicles have included and continue to feature the most talented up and coming musicians the capital region has to offer. The Chronicles have been working hard to spread their music throughout the northeast with appearances at regional theaters like the New Hampshire Jazz Center and Proctor's GE Theater. They have also appeared at major music festivals like Riverfront Jazz Festival, Tulip Festival, Bella Terra, African American Heritage Day, The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, and The BeatShot Music Festival. Albany’s alternative newsweekly, Metroland recognized them as "Best of Jazz" in 2012, and in their 2011 “best of capital region” critic's poll as the best in live hip hop with “jazz chops out the yin yang, and new tunes at their fingertips every time they pick up their instruments.”