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Azzaam Hameed, Ron Mayfield, Carl West & Sha'ron

COLABERAYSHEN ignites and delights audiences with a mix of vibrant, standard and contemporary jazz sounds. Pianist/vocalist/composer 'Azzaam Hameed, lead guitarist/vocalist/composer; Ron Mayfield; and Carl West, bassist; accompany Sha'ron's vocals.

The band is a constellation of seasoned composers and arrangers acclaimed for their original compositions and successful CD release of Unanimity. They've contributed their talents to a number of national and regional organizations including, The American Heart Association, Hamilton Hill Arts Center, Tryon Residential Center, Downtown Schenectady Rebuilding Association and The Massry Assisted Living Residence at Daughters of Sarah Senior Community.

COLABERAYSHEN, have performed regionally in many venues, among which are at Tulip Fest, Live At Five featuring The Platters, Larkfest, The Van Dyck, Justin's Cafe, The Century House and The Desmond. The band frequently performs in Saratoga Springs at 9 Maple Avenue and One Caroline's, and at private events celebrating Saratoga's Travers Weekend. During the ski season many have enjoyed Colaberayshen at Stratton Mountain resorts. While during the summer months, you can enjoy the music of COLABERAYSHEN at The Georgian Luxury Resort in Lake George. On the downstate circuit they've developed a substantial following in Hopewell Junction and West of Interstate 84, COLABERAYSHEN continues to spread the music in Johnstown and Gloversville with their repertoire ranging from Classic, to Standard to Contemporary Jazz and Rhythm & Blues.

COLABERAYSHEN entrances listeners with suave, resonant Jazz/R&B styling and warm vocal sounds. Their style continues to create a clamor for more of its versatility, charisma and unique quality, hard to find anywhere else so readily accessible.