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Hot House Jazz

Michael-Louis Smith - guitar
Stacy Dillard - sax
Diallo House - acoustic bass
Ismail Lawal - drums

Hot House, a collaborative group led by Michael-Louis Smith was formed in 1999 and was originally conceived as a piano trio featuring Michael on guitar, Andy Carballiera on piano and has and Diallo House on bass has been considered to be one of the hottest regional touring jazz acts in the Greater NY/New England area. In 2001 Andy moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, found his voice playing Hammond organ and formed a new group with Michael, the Left Ear Trio. Remaining members Michael-Louis Smith and Diallo House came to reside in NYC and added members Stacy Dillard on saxophone and Ismail Lawal on drums. This modern straight-ahead jazz ensemble has toured extensively performing at clubs and festivals throughout the Northeast and has recorded three albums of original music together. “Hot House Quartet" (2002), “Live Bait” (2003) both of which were recorded at Northern Tracks Studio, and “ALIVE!” a live album recorded at the Round Lake Jazz Festival in Upstate NY, which they headlined in 2004

Michael-Louis Smith:
518.369.3247 (cell)
518.374.1434 (home).

Hot House Jazz
c/o Michael-Louis Smith
33 North Ferry St. (Apt#3)
Schenectady, NY 12305