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Howard Underwood
Multi-Percussionist /Singer/Songwriter

Howard C.Underwood has been a Percussionist for over twenty-five years. Howard has also taught moods in Percussion an after school arts-in-education program through B.O.C.E.S. Composed music for the Arbor Hill drug task force, and played percussion in the University at Albany stage production of "Bakki" under the direction of Brazilian director Louis Vasconcelos. Howard has always been interested in different styles of Drumming from West African, Haitian, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Latin, and Caribbean. He has a vast range of groups and musicians he has performed with including Nick Brignola, Clyde Cryner, Stefon Harris, John Espisito, West African Singer Lawrence Elonge, Pangea World Beat, Carl Landa, Greg Speck, Jacamo, Sweetmagic, Kumba dance and drum ensemble, Caribbean Breeze Steel Band from Jamaica, and the group Las Manos. His most recent performance was with Gomni Percussion ensemble October of this year at Proctors Theater. Howard also has a solo project he’s working on that will be out soon.