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Jason Panucci

Jason Panucci is an organ/keyboard player from upstate New York creating music reminiscent of the 60/70’s Soul Jazz era.Heavy influenced by Dr. Lonnie Smith,MMW,Robert Walter,Grant Green. He also has produced for many Hip Hop artists including a remix for the “Sexiest DJ in the World” DJ Sassy Pandez.

Currently 1/2 of the Electro-Funk duo "Beatdown Collective"

Beatdown Collective
“The combination of jazz and electronic (funk/jazztronica) is improvisational by nature and creates a precarious blend of simplicity and complexity that is mind-blowing. Watching the two work off of each other, improving and building off of each other's energy and sound was quite a pleasure.” - KC Orcutt

Jason is currently in the studio working on “Yeah, That’s the Stuff”. Its a tasty collection of heavy organ grooves, gritty Soul-Jazz,Funk-Hop and Chill/Electronica tracks. Guest include Michael Newman and Jeff Nania on sax, Dave Spadaro on guitar and The Vinylcologist cuts/beats.