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Jazz Voices

 Jazz Voices captivates audiences…It began as a one-time experience but has become one of the brightest musical groups in the Capital Region… Although they work hard preparing for a performance the dominant impression the audience gets is one of sheer exuberance.
  - Tim Coakley, Daily Gazette

Jazz Voices

Take three uniquely talented vocal soloists, add one gifted pianist with enough creative foresight to envision the possibilities, and you have Jazz Voices- a dynamic group that blends diverse styles and influences into an exciting musical montage.

Teresa Broadwell spent the first part of her career arranging for and performing in groups featuring three and four part harmony singing. She has contributed greatly to Jazz Voices’ repertoire with this writing and arranging talent. Her very successful solo career, including a widely released CD, has her fronting her group called THRIVIN’ ON A RIFF. “I find inspiration in a solid grove whether I’m stating the melody, harmonizing or scatting. I  like  to feel free to improvise.”

Colleen Pratt was raised in a home full of love of music. Having musical parents provided her with many listening experiences and opportunities to sing with a variety of musicians. With two CDs to her name and on many with Schenectady’s Empire Jazz Orchestra, she is soon to release a new recording featuring EJO. “I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many talented musicians in the area and excited to be part of yet another musical experience. Singing with Jazz Voices is musically challenging and extremely rewarding. I’m just having fun doing what I love to do!”

Jody Shayne began her professional singing career in Boston, where she attended Berklee College of Music. After working in Boston and NYC for a few years, she returned to the Capital District to perform in settings ranging from single to big bands. Her gift of writing lyrics can be heard in many of the songs Jazz Voices performs. “Everything I listen to contributes to the way I interpret a song, from Billy Holiday to Bill Evans, but one thing I always try to do is tell a story.”

Peg Delaney gained experience on piano by leading her own combos, performing in a variety of settings from solo piano to twenty piece big bands, and accompanying many jazz vocalists Starting the group Jazz Voices has enabled her to explore arranging and develop the musical sensitivity needed to accompany three terrific singers. “ Working with some of the area’s best singers not only challenges me musically but also has made me aware of a whole spectrum of vocal music that longs to be shared with listeners. We’re glad to be together again and look forward to our upcoming concerts.”