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Jim Daggs


A Capital district musician who began his musical career at 18 (with performances at Saratoga's Metro with George Dehart and Nat Phipps), Jim Daggs was raised in a musical family. His father and uncle were both long time area jazz musicians and his sister Carol currently performs as a pianist & vocalist in the area.

Daggs has been a part of many different area groups including Upside Downside (Stephan Harris), Carol Daggs & Friends, Joe Gitto Jazz Quartet, Dick Forman Jazz Quartet (Vermont), Seven Rabbit Stew (Will Zwink), Omiero (Geroge Rosario), Capitol District All Star Jazz Ensemble (Under direction of Tom Brown/Cathy & Sean Lowery).

He has also freelanced with a virtual who's who og the area jazz scene including: Joe Gitto, John Park, Stephan Harris, April Marie, Cole Broderick, John Hilton, Cary DeNigris, Carol Daggs, Peg Delaney, Jodi Shane, Teresa Broadwell, Sonny Daye, Mike Lampkin, Nicholas Lue, Nick Mancini, Joe Finn, Steve Lambert, Rob Lindquist, Tim Reyes, Tom Ross, Nathaniel Ward, Steve Hudson, Keith Pray, Marcus Benoit, Bob Howard, Al Kash, Will Zwink