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"A luminous, cascading brand of jazz that is both tough and lyrical"
Ann Arbor 2005

"Freely improvised music of the highest order."
Signal To Noise
 "Virtuosic technique and a soulful, life affirming spirit"
EXCLAIM , Canada

"No Work Today pays homage to something similar to the open door that Monk provided for Lacy, namely a view to the other side."

Joe Giardullo

Joe Giardullo is Brooklyn-born, and raised on the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He grew up on R&B music, playing tenor sax in club and regional bands and moved north to the Woodstock area in the 1960's.

It was a rich environment for hearing and playing original music, and it was here that he got his first soprano saxophone. The local scene included great players like saxophonist Gene Dinwiddie (Paul Butterfield Blues Band), multi-instrumentalist Howard Johnson (Archie Shepp Band), and a whole segment of the original ESP Records lineup! Joe played all kinds of music -improvised, jazz, rock, blues, club date, weddings-you name it. But things grew stale and in 1977, he packed up and moved to Amsterdam, Holland.

Amsterdam was alive with great music- Burton Greene,Han Bennink, Charles Tyler, Philip Wilson and a thriving local scene as well. It was a good season to be living and working there.

After a short period based in Amsterdam , Joe returned to live  100 miles north of New York where, after a few years, he  slipped into a 10 year hiatus from public performance, although he continued to play in private.Then he met up with  saxophonist/trumpeter Joe McPhee one night at a club.  That meeting in 1991 marked the beginning of a continuing collaboration .And it has also reintroduced audiences in the US, Canada and Europe to Giardullo's  music.

Since then, Joe has been active in the US and Europe with so many of the most regarded musicians: Joe Giardullo 4tet with Joe McPhee, Mike Bisio & Tani Tabbal, G2 : Music for Creative Chamber Group, Joe McPhee's Bluette, Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band, Thomas Buckner, Steve Lacy, Milford Graves, Carlos Zingaro, Carlos Santos, Vitor Joaquim, Roy Campbell, Jackson Krall, Marilyn Crispell, Andre Goncalves, Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, Dom Minasi, Lisbon Improvistional Players, Bobby Bradford, Rob Blakeslee

Joe's music has been commissioned by The Oliveros Foundation , by the Udu Drum Division of LP Percussion, and by Amnesty International Woodstock.

In 2004, he has been Artist In Residence at The Center For Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland and at Lugar Comum in Lisbon, Portugal.

2005 sees Joe concentrating on solo soprano concert tours and a new recording of his music for creative chamber group: G2.

Joe opens 2006 in grand style: he's invited to be a member of legendary trumpeter Bill Dixon's trio at the Sons D'hivers festival in Paris in January !