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Jonathan Lorentz

(518) 793-3183

Billed as “Top Shelf” by one jazz club owner, saxophonist Jonathan Lorentz plays with a sound that is warm in tone and rich in melodic complexity. Recently relocated to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire from New York, he is a daring improviser that blends modern jazz with blues, rock, and the avant-garde. Jonathan has performed at Radio City Music Hall, CBGB's, The Bitter End, The Cutting Room, and at various venues throughout the northeast. His performances have taken him from New York to Virginia, Washington DC, and on tours in New England, Nova Scotia and Costa Rica.

In 2008 Jonathan completed a PhD in music performance from NYU and began transcribing and engraving for Jazzlines Publications. Jon’s 2010 album Borderlands (his first on the Métier Jazz label) was released to critical acclaim. In March of 2011, Fanfare Magazine’s Lynn René Bayley remarked that “Jonathan Lorentz has really got it: a great style, an explorative mind, and a concept for this album that goes beyond the usual fare you hear from jazz sax trios.”