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The Jump Daddies

C'mon everybody and get your cat clothes on, cuz the Jump Daddies are bringin' and swingin', yes we're rompin' and stompin', and your dancin' shoes are gonna turn over at the heel before the night is through!  The Jump Daddies Swing and Jump Band featuring vocalist TJ Ogle will get your toes tappin' -- fingers snappin' -- arms wrappin' -- hands clappin' to swing dance tunes of old and new and all the great ones in between. Our hearts and our instruments are leapin' to show you a good time!
Chris "HammDogg" Hammond: harmonica, guitar, vocals
Steve "Size Does Matter" Sizemore: guitar
Chuck "Reefah Man" Brohme: upright bass
TJ "Jungle Jane" Ogle: vocals