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MamboDragon Jazz Ensemble

MamboDragon Jazz Ensemble marries vibrant Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the smooth elegance jazz harmonies and improvisational flare. Our song lists offers sophisticated interpretations of classic Son-Montunos to songs written during the hey day Cubop era. MamboDragon Jazz Ensemble’s music will spark a jazz lovers irresistible urge to tap their feet and snap the fingers. While reawakening the memories of hot nights in cool cabarets for latin jazz enthusiasts.

We also provide performances and lectures on the history and influence of Afro-Caribbean Rhythms and music. We have performed at several school in New Bern, North Carolina, Albany, New York, CDYMCA, New State Comptrollers Office and many jazz venues in the Capital District.

The founding Members of MamboDragon Jazz are Pedro Perez, Marcus Benoit, and Joe Monterello.

MamboDragon Jazz Ensemble will play at wedding, corporate events, jazz venues, cafes, schools and colleges.