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Mike Clark

Drummer/Percussionist Mike Clark grew up in Buffalo New York, a city brimming with resources for aspiring musicians. A product of the area's excellent drummers and teachers, he studied Percussion and Drumset with Anthony Miranda (classical/drumset), Louie Marino (jazz), Wendel Rivera (Latin), Charles Keil (Afro-Latin), Larry Levine in Saratoga (linear drumming), and Adrian Cohen in Albany (keyboard theory).

Mike graduated from University at Buffalo, where he completed a self-designed degree program in The History and Performance of Contemporary Music. His studies included courses in Musical Anthropology, Jazz History, Diasporic Origins of Contemporary Music, Jazz/Afro-Latin/Classical ensembles, private study, and regular local gigs.

Since arriving in Albany, Mike has played with Las Manos (Original Latin-jazz), The Getdown (Indie Original R&B), Tequilamada (Rock/Soul), The Ill-Funk Ensemble (Dance Hip Hop/Soul), The Big Dig (Organ Groove), Nautilus (Nouveau Jazz/Funk), and Larry Levine's Drama-scope (Eclectic Fusion).

Mike is currently feeling out the Albany Jazz scene for savvy inspired original musicians to learn from and grow with.