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Reggie's Red Hot Feetwarmers

"The Feetwarmers' music represents the best of New Orleans jazz idioms -- beat, rhythm, syncopated melodies, improvisation and creative solos.  The band has a traditional New Orleans front line trumpet, tailgate trombone and clarinet with a rhythm section of tenor banjo and string bass.  They're what musicians call a tight group, meaning they play so well together."
- Peter Ecklund, Trumpet with Leon Redbone

"Like Hershey's for chocolate or Mack for trucks, you can count on the Feetwarmers for sweet and saucy tributary sounds.  This may be their Saratoga Shout, but it's gonna play just as well in Peoria, Pensacola and Perth."
- Dirty Linen, Baltimore MD.

"Harkening back to the sounds of the 20's and 30's, the Feetwarmers pump out an infectious, all-acoustic, totally unplugged brand of jumping jazz with the only amplification being the megaphone that  "Reggie'' uses for singing."
 - Times Union, Albany, New York

"The Feetwarmers ... pump out the sweet strains of Dixieland classics like Tiger Rag,St. Louis Blues and Muskrat Ramble.   Only a Scrooge could fail to get caught up in the good-time sounds.   It's mighty tough to find unadulterated musical fun these days, but the Feetwarmers have got it down."
 - Metroland, Albany, New York