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Saeed Abbas
percussion, flute

Saeed is a master drummer and flutist with talent that goes well beyond the drums and instruments of his African homeland. Although the traditional African music of Ghana is closest to his heart, in his travels around the world Saeed has mastered many other instruments and musical styles (including Jazz, Latin and Reggae!). He performs regularly with his own group as well as with many other well known musicians around the country.

To perform and teach traditional African music.

The National Dance Ensemble: Accra, Ghana
Drumming & Flute 1995-2000

Teaching Experience:
Anacortes K-12 Schools 2006, 07
Burlington Little School 2006
Skagit Valley College, Oak Harbor 2006, 07
Couperville Schools, 2005, 06, 07
Oak Harbor Schools 2006
Ghana Public Education 1988-1999

Saeed Abbas "Gye NyamE" Whidbey, WA 2004
Titambe Marima "Live" Whildbey, WA 2004
Dance of Africa"Vol 3, London, England, 1999

Major Performances:
Whildbey Island Center for the Arts 2004, 2007
Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle 2005, 06, 07
World Rhythm Festival, Seattle 2005, 06, 07
Skagit Valley College, WA 2004, 05, 06, 07
Kennedy Center, Washington DC 2003
African Water Development Festival, Mexico City 2006
NY City Schools New York, NY 2006
Reed College, Portland, OR 2006
Anacortes Arts Festival, 2006
British Columbia Folf Festival, B.C. 2004
Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C. 2004