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Sonny and Perley

The exciting duo of Sonny Daye and Perley Rousseau achieves a rare musical symbiosis. The husband and wife team have spent the last several years developing and perfecting their unique blend of Jazz, Brazilian and International Cabaret which has become their musical signature. Perley is a powerful singer with roots in traditional Jazz capable of connecting on a deeply emotional level, while always treating her voice as a richly warm, and intelligent instrument refining the nuances of expression. Sonny is an ideal accompanist who seeks to nurture each musical phrase yet always leaving the space to create or catch an improvisation from Perley. Their two CD releases Love Dance (1996), and East of the Sun (1999) have generated international air play and received critical acclaim. It is in live performance, however, where Sonny and Perley truly shine. Throughout New York, New England and in Europe, the duo has captivated audiences with their spontaneity, warmth, musical honesty and broad repertoire. With vocal interpretations in several languages including English, the duo glides smoothly from Bossa Nova to Swing and from exciting Samba to delicate Ballads feeding their audience with pleasure, beauty and sheer delight that only music and song can offer.