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Stephen Orsini
electric/acoustic bass

Stephen Orsini is a bass player, through and through, providing exactly what you would expect from a bass player in any given situation.

Over the last fifteen years, Stephen has performed in a wide variety of venues, and an even wider variety of genres. From small cafes to festivals, and from intimate duo's to symphony orchestras; he is comfortable and well versed in just about any situation.

Stephen has played with the following musicians/bands:

  • Adrian Cohen
  • Bob Malone
  • Brian Patneaude Quintet
  • Cole Broderick (various ensembles / recording)
  • Familiar Territory
  • George Muscatello
  • Keith Pray (various ensembles)
  • Kevin Maul
  • Larry Lewis & Solid Smoke
  • Maria Zemantauski
  • Mother Judge
  • The New Regime
  • New York Players
  • The Refrigerators
  • Sam Whedon
  • Schenectady Symphony Orchestra
  • The Standard Clams
  • Zucchini Brothers (recording)