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T.L. Holloway Ensemble

(518) 545-4556

Authentic American jazz based in the Capital Region of upstate New York. Providing professional and quality small-group jazz for all types of venues and events. Available as Standard Classic Duo (Piano/Vocal & Drums) or Trio (add Bass), and many other configurations.

Current lineup includes:

Steve Keller / Piano & Vocals — Steve follows in the footsteps of American jazz greats Dave Brubeck and Frank Sinatra, crafting a tasteful piano sound to accompany his signature sultry and sentimental vocals. He has performed professionally in venues throughout the Northeast, and cultivated a following in the Albany area though his frequent solo engagements. Previous to his recent performances and new tenure with T. L. Holloway, Steve honed his vocal skills with the Vassar College Jazz Ensemble and various classically-styled barbershop groups during his undergraduate days.

John Stegemann / Drums — John has played jazz drums for the majority of his life, delving further into its complexities as he progressed. With the utmost attention to detail, John has crafted his own personal style that keeps true to the mentality of "less is more". Subsequently, he brings a unique flavor to each group he performs with, always with an emphasis on taste and subtlety. Previous to his tenure with T. L. Holloway, John performed with various small groups in the Boston area and was the lead percussionist for the National Award-Winning Boston College bOp! Jazz Ensemble.