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Tom Burre

Tom Burre dedicates his musical endeavors to the study of sound, improvisation, and composition using guitar, voice and electronic instruments.

He was voted the capital region's "best guitarist making a statement" by metroland in 2001:

"Sure, Tom Burre’s guitar has six strings, and, yes, he’s playing chords and writing songs on it, just like all the other guitarists in town, but somehow the noises that come out of his amp don’t quite sound like anything we’ve heard before, anywhere. add an intelligent, exploratory songwriting ethos and a bucket of vocal techniques that would make a team of tuvan throat singers take note, and you’ve got a true trailblazer of sound and vision."

His mindbending band Boneoil have received numerous awards including "best album of the year", for the cd "the mist of lust", and "best freakout band".

Aside from being involved in several eclectic pop bands and jazz groups, Burre earned a b.a. in music from the State University of New York at Albany and is currently an associate director at Electronic Music Foundation.

He is also the founder and curator of the improvised music series Ghost Names and co-founder of the record label Numerical Records.