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Chris Reilly

I listen to these progressive jazz albums over and over again, to the chagrin of my neighbors (who are decidedly NOT jazz fans).
Top 5 in no particular order:
1. Weather Report, 8:30
My favorite tracks are Joe Zawinul's Birdland, and Jaco's Teen Town, but I especially like the mood set by this classic.
2. Soulive, Turn It Out!
You have to move to this album's infectious grooves.
3. John Scofield, Bump
I'm in love with the simplicity and soulful quality of the basslines, and of course, Scofield's heady interactions with them.
4. Percy Hill, Colors in Bloom
Yes, they're a jamband. Yes, this is a studio album. I don't care. No one sounds remotely like Percy Hill and I just really dig this album.
5. Uncle Sammy, "In the Barn" Live at Gathering of the Vibes, 6/1/2001, Red Hook, NY
There's a long story behind this one. Two words: Spontaneous combustion.