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J Hunter

1. Miles Davis -- Kind Of Blue
Of all his various phases and stages, this one still stands up, particularly
for those soft, soft chords Bill Evans plays at the start of "So What". This
is as cool as it gets.

2. John Coltrane -- A Love Supreme
How can a man who was incredible from the jump... get better? Well, he
didn't "get better", per se. he just took it to a level very few mortals
reach, in any form of endeavour. And he did it here. (PS _Ignore_ the JALC version. Complete sacrilege!)

3. Dave Brubeck Quartet -- Time Out
There's no way you can ignore this disc, even if West Coast isn't your
favorite sound. Just the whole album concept (No 4/4 tunes) was
ground-breaking enough, especially for the time.

4. Charles Mingus -- Mingus Ah Um
Utterly original, challenging from start to finish, and definitely an
acquired taste because it doesn't fit into the usual square pegs. One of a
kind music from a one of a kind man.

5. Miles Davis -- In A Silent Way
Lost in the furor of "Bitches Brew", a wonderfully contemplative disc. Check out versions of the title track by Santana and (most recently) Don Byron.