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drummer- Microtonacity, Sonny Simmons,
Butch Morris, others

1. Miles Davis -- Nefertiti
A giant leap regarding group interaction, featuring Tony Williams blurring the distiction between "comping" and "soloing"

2. John Coltrane - Sun Ship
Ecstatic, joyful, primal playing from all.

3. Eberhard Weber -- Yellow Fields
Not availble on CD anymore but features exploratory themes and playing. Eberhard Weber's bass playing is, to me, very moving and underrated.

4. Roy Haynes -- Out of the Afternoon
Out of the Afternoon- If you want to hear how exciting the drums can be, you need this CD!!!!!

5. Alice Coltrane -- Translinear Light
My friend, who works for Verve, said this was the best album they've put out since he's been there.  He's right!  This is some of the most powerful music I've heard in a long time regardless of genre.