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drummer with the Adrian Cohen Trio & the Joey Thomas Big Band)

1. Allan Holdsworth "IOU", "Metal Fatigue", and "Road Games"
 - I 'd have to condense these into a box set! Holdsworth speaks for himself. Absolute greatest ever on guitar. Ouch!

2. Tony Williams Lifetime "Believe It"
 - The alltime best fusion record ever made. My brother and I wore it out.

3. Herbie Hancock "Thrust"
 - The real deal Headhunters with Mike Clark on drums. Contains the best song ever recorded " Actual Proof", which is single-handedly the baddest shit ever played.

4. Buddy Rich "Richcraft"
 - Buddy at his best in the late 50's with Harry Edison, Phil Woods, Benny Golson. As a drummer, you have to deal with Buddy who was the absolute best ever. No one has ever come close. No one ever will.

5. James Brown - Any and all by the Godfather will do.
 - You're going to need some soul on that island, brother.