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Ray Woron
- bassist/jazz fan in West Sand Lake

My 5 picks in no particular order:

1. John Coltrane "A Love Supreme"
- Have to set aside time because you cant help but listen to the whole thing from start to finish.

2. John Coltrane "The Complete Africa Brass Sessions"
- Mind blowing.

3. Miles Davis "Bitches Brew"
- Also mind blowing.

4. Oscar Peterson "Plays the Cole Porter Songbook"
 - Ray Brown achieving feel I only hope I can achieve some day.

5. Charlie Hunter & Leon Parker "Duets"
- Super laid back late night listening. Actually when I look back at the list, with the exception of the O. Peterson, all of these are ones that I am most likely to listen to late at night with a candle burning and a glass of wine in hand.