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Dave Ray

Dave Ray has been a resident of the capital district since 1976, and was a founding member of “Doc Scanlon’s Rhythm Boys” in 1977. He has played violin in every style from classical to Irish traditional, bluegrass, klezmer and old time to swing jazz with numerous capital district groups and musicians in the past 39 years. In addition to the Rhythm Boys, he was a founding member of the  Hudson River Moonlight Band, with Peggy Delaney in the late 70’s, Katzenjammers with Martha Gallagher, and the Kleine Klezmer Orchestra with David Bates, David Lambert and the late Mike Wicks. He currently performs with a piano trio “Swing Theory”, and a New Orleans style jazz band “The Biscuit Rollers Jazz Band” based in Hudson, N.Y. In New Orleans, he is a regular member of “The Rites of Swing” which performs at the Spotted Cat Music Club, and the back-up band for the “Pfister Sisters”, a popular female vocal trio.