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Jim Burton

(518) 355-4839

Jim Burton is a piano player, who studied the classics at an early age.
in Niagara Falls NY where he was born. My first piano teacher was Henry Collins a Concert Pianist. Second teacher was Al Dirocco who studied the classics in Europe.  Third teacher was Al Dirocco Jr a Graduate from Manhattan School of Music.

T he inspiration and love for Jazz Music after seeing the movie "The Wild One" W/ a Jazz Sound track of a founding father of West Coast Jazz drummer Shelly Manne. At that time was calling to me, a chance to express myself. My dad was a professional piano player, however, he liked the organ and convinced me to by a Hammond Organ (B3).
My influence's were Jazz organists Jimmy Smith, Shirley Scott, Groove Holmes, and even Earl Grant.

After paying my dues on the road with the B3 and Piano I settled in Schenectady NY.  I Began teaching Organ at the Hammond Organ Studios of Albany.  Later I found myself at the Drome Sound teaching and selling pianos and organs.

I played the entire Capital District Area sometimes 6 nights a week for
46 years, Full and Part time.  I Played Nick Brignola (70's), Leo Russo & Ed Munger, Mark Anthony to mention a few.  I studied locally with, Lee Shaw Dr.Anthony Zano and Dan Dobek.

Today: I am doing solo work, Weddings Ceremonies and Cocktail hours for Piano Man Productions