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Pat Harris

(512) 800-1375

Pat Harris is a bassist, songwriter, and composer currently residing in upstate New York. With musical roots in classical, jazz, and American traditions, he maintains an active and multi-genre performance schedule. Originally from Michigan, Harris graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in classical bass performance and a minor in philosophy from Central Michigan University in 2007. He earned his Master’s degree in jazz studies with academic honors from the University of Texas at Austin in 2009.

As an in demand sideman, Harris has extensively recorded and toured nationally/internationally with the acclaimed songsmith Reed Turner as well the award winning nuevo tango ensemble, The Austin Piazzolla Quintet. He has contributed his bass playing and arranging to countless performances and recordings with artists including James Anderson, John Arndt, Carter Arrington, Chris Bell, Javier Chaparro, Floyd Domino, Paul Glasse, Rich Harney, Phoebe Hunt, Masumi Jones, Aaron Lack, Lex Land, Jake Langley, Kevin Lovejoy, Wayne Salzmann, Steve Schwelling, David Sierra, David Stevens, Peter Stoltzman, Mitch Watkins, Revel, and the Austin Symphony Orchestra. Harris has composed instrumental music for commercials and radio, and has released three albums through his own Wigglestump Records label: Live 4/9/09 (2009), Traveling By Moonlight (2011), and Hour Before the Mourning (2013).

In addition to performing and writing music, Harris blogs extensively about his experiences as a musician in an ever changing industry and other observations through the “Thoughts” page on his website. He is currently working on his first philosophical book On the Value of the Live Experience.